Teas and Coffees
Volunteer at any club evening. If we do not get a volunteer a self-service system will be in operation.
What do I need to do?
  • Bring 3 pints of milk (take cost from takings)
  • Arrive by 7:15 or before and check the urn is full and on.
  • Take Coffee, Tea, Sugar and biscuits etc. from storage cupboard (Ian Bailey has keys)
  • By now someone will have (hopefully) offered to help; if not, ask a committee member
  • Ensure water is boiled for 'T' break at approximately 8:30pm
  • Serve Tea & Coffee
  • Wash up cups and put away
  • Give treasurer takings
Drink for the Judge/Speaker and chairman: Please ensure that they are given a choice of drink before the rush.
Top tip: 6 Tea bags in the teapot and fill from kettle, then reboil.